What philosophical questions did the work address?

What philosophical questions did the work address?

From the works shown in class over the past few weeks, select one work (or you may want compare two or more that have a common “theme”) that:

had special meaning for you
resonated with you
surprised you on first sight
surprised you in the many layers of meaning that became revealed to you after examining it/them at great length
made you see a concept/idea in a different light
combined text and image in a unique way
held an aesthetic value for you that was original, authentic and equal to any great work of art
opened your eyes to a method/process that you could see yourself adapting/appropriating to your own work
These could be some of the reasons that have drawn you to a particular work.

Here are some suggestions for the structure of the analysis:

Provide a link to the work – name of artist/poet, the title of the work
begin with an introduction to the artist/poet; Provide a brief bio of the artist, adding any relevant information which, in a historical context, may relate to the appreciation of the work. In other words, were his/her works representative of a time when other artists/poets were experimenting with the same ideas/materials? What was considered the artist/poet’s contribution to the advancement of concrete or visual poetry (or visual art)?
(approx 1 or 2 paragraphs)

a detailed description of the work – its content and its form (as if the work was not available to be viewed by the reader of your essay). Limit the description what is presented on the page, not its significance.
(approx 2paragraphs)

a detailed description of the significance of the presentation/work. Relate the title to the work. Where in the work would you assign the “creative” act? What visual manipulation of text and image contributed to layers of meaning or a “greater meaning”?
(approx 2 paragraphs)

The value of a work can be measured by the execution of the artist’s/poet’s intention; but it is also measured by the connection it makes with the viewer.

your personal response to the work. What emotions were touched by the work? What philosophical questions did the work address? Can you relate the ideas/issues raised by the work to your own experience? Did the work confirm or change your view of the world or your view of art?
(approx 3 paragraphs)

When the visual and verbal/textual value of the work are interdependent, the value of the whole work is likely to succeed.

Conclusion. Summarize what you have learned from this work.
(approx 1 or 2 paragraphs)


The length of this assignment should be approx. 1000 words (3 + pages)

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What philosophical questions did the work address


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