Module 2: Discussion – Pigments in Photosynthesis

Module 2: Discussion – Pigments in Photosynthesis

This discussion activity will expand upon your knowledge and understanding of pigments used in photosynthesis. Specifically you will be discussing an important and annual phenomenon in this area: the rich colors of fall leaves.

Please make sure to follow the discussion guidelines found in Module 1 Discussion.

Read this PBS article (Links to an external site.) discussing why leaves change colors. After reading this article and using other resources as needed, prepare and post the following:

A brief summary of why leaves change colors in the fall, relating specifically to solar energy and photosynthesis.
A more detailed discussion of 1 pigment related to fall colors. Be sure to include the pigment’s name, chemical formula, and what wavelengths of solar energy it absorbs/reflects.
Your references.
You should read as many of the other students’ posts as time permits since you may get a better understanding of photosynthesis and pigments in the process.

You should also then write a response to at least two other students. In your response be sure to address the description of photosynthesis and the chosen pigment. Ask any clarifying questions to expand upon your understanding.

Post your initial response by clicking the Reply button below, and then participate in the discussion. You can find the discussion forum by clicking the Discussions link in Course Navigation as well.

Required, 20 points (15 points for your initial post, 5 points for your responses). Please refer to the discussion grading rubric attached to this forum to understand how the discussion will be graded.


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Module 2: Discussion - Pigments in Photosynthesis


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