PICO Question

PICO Question

Make a PICO question and find 5 quantitative research articles related to the area of your choice. Do Chapter 1 of your Evidence-Based Mini Proposal.

you will submit a 2-3 page paper plus your Title Page and Reference Page that identifies the following areas:
1) PICO Question;
2) 5 Research articles with Levels of Evidence of I-IV;
3) Your introduction, problem statement, purpose statement, and significance of your Mini-Research Proposal, along with the theory undergirding your PICO and Problem statement.

PICO Question: Describe the Problem/Population (P); Your Intervention (I); your Comparison (C), and Outcomes (O). Research Articles (5) between I-IV Levels of Evidence with APA reference citation. Identify the level of evidence of each article after the reference citation that goes at the end of this Assignment submission.
Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, and Significance of Your Mini-Research Proposal. Your problem statement provides an overview of your Mini-Research Proposal topic and a clear statement of the need for this Mini-Research Proposal topic. The 5 articles that you have selected should provide the rationale for the need for this Mini-Research Proposal. Your purpose statement justifies the need for your Mini-Research Proposal and is supported in the literature. The significance of your Mini-Research Proposal is clearly stated and supported by the literature. The research question is presented. Your selected theory may be based on pathophysiology, a nurse theory, or from any health-related discipline.
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