PICOT Question

PICOT Question

Implementing a clinical practice protocol/guideline for the management of [hypertension or disease] in [the homeless or population/clinic type]

Developing a clinical protocol to prevent [community acquired pneumonia or disease] in [vulnerable populations] in primary care

Identifying barriers to [diabetic treatment or disease or health promotion] adherence in a community primary care clinic

An educational program to improve [influenza and/or pneumococcal or type] vaccination rates among [population]

Evaluation of an intervention protocol to improve adult vaccination rates among [older adults or population]

Primary care providers’ adherence to treatment guidelines for the management of [Type II diabetes or disease] in a [rural or type] clinic

The implementation of a clinical protocol to identify and manage [COPD or disease] in [the working poor or vulnerable population or setting]

Evaluation on implementing [smoking cessation or disease prevention/health promotion] primary clinic in long-term care

Improvement of screening rates for [sexually transmitted diseases or disease prevention targets] in a primary care clinic

Implementing a peer review process in a primary care clinic or setting

The effectiveness of implementing the [Geriatric Depression Scale or standardized assessment instrument] for the treatment and management of [depression or disease] in primary care

Evaluating the use of computer reminder systems for providers to improve treatment guideline adherence in [community care or setting]

Screening for mild cognitive impairment in a primary care setting

Primary care provider practice patterns for the treatment and management of [pain or disease] in [older adults or population]

Effectiveness of obesity management strategies in [working adults or population] with [cardiac risk factors or disease] in primary care

The impact of the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner’s role in a healthcare home model

Identification of perceived barriers to care of [women or population] seeking treatment for [depression or disease] in primary care

Culturally sensitive care for [Asian Americans or population] seeking treatment for chronic [hypertension or disease] management in primary care

Barriers and facilitators to implementing a culturally sensitive clinical protocol in [Hispanic men or population] with [prostate cancer or disease]

Evaluation of [cost or type] outcomes of a primary care model that includes a psychiatric-mental health care nurse practitioner overlay service

Development of a [cardiac or disease/type] risk profile to identify high risk [women or population] in primary care

Effective [ADHD/Other] Screening of Children in the Primary Care Setting

Reducing BMI of Overweight and Obese [Children or population]: Evidence-Based Approach

Expedited Partner Therapy: An Option in the Treatment of [Genital Chlamydial Infection or other STI]

Effectiveness of the Use of Insulin [pens/pump]: An Analysis of the [Hispanic adult or population] Patient’s Satisfaction and Outcomes

An Effective Plan to Reduce Polypharmacy in a [State Prison or Long-term Care Facility]

The Role of Reminder Cards and Telephone Follow -Up on Office Visits on Adherence of Patient with [

Effects on A1C among Insulin Managed Diabetic Patients following an Electronic, Patient-Centered, Feedback System: An Evidence-Based Practice

The Effect of Language in the Delivery of Care in [Home Health or other community setting]

The Effect of Culture and Eating Habits on [Childhood or population] Obesity in [United States or state]

The Effectiveness of [Basic Daily Monitoring or other intervention] for [Elderly or population] with Heart Failure to Reduce Hospital Readmission

Adherence to Diet and Exercise to Reduce Hyperlipidemia in [Adults or population]

Evidence-Based Practice in Management of Acute Otitis Media: Topical versus Systemic Treatments

[Walking 3x/week or Other exercise activity] for 45-minutes Reduce Blood Sugar levels in [African- Americans or population] with Type II Diabetes

Implement a [Brisk Physical Activity or other activity} to Improve BS Levels in [Women with GDM or population]?

Asthma Treatment in Pediatric Patients: Spacer versus Conventional Inhaler

Concurrent use of Probiotics during Antibiotic Therapy Reduce the Incidence of Developing Antibiotic-associated Diarrhea

The Role of Nurse Practitioner in the [Breast Cancer Risk Assessment or other Assessment] on [Hispanic Women or populations]

Brain Exercise Reduce the Cognitive Decline in Patients with [Cognitive Decline or population]

Measuring the Effectiveness of 5-2-1-0 every day to Reduce Obesity in [Children or population]

Spiritual Care: The Missing Link in Health Care Among Patients with [Advanced Cancer in Palliative Care or population]

Effectiveness of Nurse Practitioner’s Home Visits in Improving Patient Adherence in the Management of [Hypertension or population]

Nurse Practitioner’s Focus Patient Education to Prevent Complications of [Pre-eclampsia or population]

Providing Education to [Reduce Hb1Ac or Other measure] in Adherence with Current [Diabetes or other chronic disease] Guidelines

Utilization of Nurse Practitioners in the [Emergency Department or other Community Settings] on Patient Satisfaction, Provider to Patient time, and Length of Stay

Use of NP-led Triage Orders in Emergency Department for Early Patient’s Discharge

Screening of Patients with Drug-Seeking Behaviors in [Emergency Department or other Community Setting]

Developing an Education-based Approach to Increase Awareness on [Prostate Cancer or other] Screening

Reducing [HPV or other preventable disease] Incidences with Vaccination among the [Latino Population ages 11-­26 in the United States or population]

Evaluate the Effectiveness Of Post-Discharge Follow-Up Among [Congestive Heart Failure or high-risk population] Patients on Reduction of Hospital Readmission, Improve Quality Of Life, Medication Reconciliation, Self-Care Skills and Coordination of Care During Transition to Home [Other]

Primary Care Provider Practice Patterns for the Identification, Treatment, and Management of [early onset sepsis disease or other disease] in [pediatric or populations]

Evaluation on Implementing and Follow-up with Health Screening Guidelines [Colonoscopy or other Screening] in a Primary Clinic or other Community Setting

Primary Care Provider Practice Patterns for the Treatment and Management Follow-up after UC or ED visit in [older adults or population]

Barriers and facilitators to implementing a culturally sensitive clinical protocol in [refugee men or population] with [depression or other chronic disease]

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