What format do you use for writing lesson plans?

What format do you use for writing lesson plans?

Arrange to interview a teacher about lesson plan development.

Arrange to observe the implementation of a lesson in a classroom setting.

Use the following resources:

Write a 525- to 700-word summary of the interview, observation, and your personal impressions.

Reflect on your experience in My Time Log, including revisions you need to consider when developing a lesson plan based on your clinical experience.

Support your findings with research and theory.

1.What format do you use for writing lesson plans?

I use the format given by the school.

2.How so you decide what you will teach?

It depends on the pacing guide. The pacing guide is a list of standards in order according to the district. I have to follow the pacing guide and have certain standards taught by the common assessment date.

3.What do you need to know about your students’ learning styles before designing a lesson plan?

We look at the data at the beginning of the year to determine where students stand. I give students a survey of questions to determine how they best learn.

4.How do you begin to plan a lesson? Where do you start? What are the steps?

I beginning planning my lesson on Thursdays. I have an idea of what should I do next. Sometimes I need to spiral in a review and then start on my new lesson. Sometimes I might have to reteach a lesson and then move on. First, I normally start with my fluency. Students do 2 fluency practices a day. Second, I look at the anticipatory set. How can I “hook” my students? Third, I do the solve and share question to get the students to thinking. Fourth, I review any anchor charts and introduce new vocabulary. Fifth, I start my whole group lesson. Sixth, we do independent work. Seventh, I put the students into centers and do my teacher table. Eighth, I give students and exit ticket to see if we need to review or go on for the next day.

5.How do you motivate students to become more engaged?

I normally do a lot of verbal praise. I also have some complement cards that I found at the store. On Fridays, I sit down and write complement cards to students that were outstanding for the week. I leave a small prize such as a pencil, eraser, or something they could use. I have a leader of the week where they are get a gift card for being the leader. The leader is usually someone who participates, completes work, is on their best behavior and etc. I let them know that mistakes will happen. We are working together. I never try to shame students. I tell them to ask for help.

6.How do you decide on which activities to do for the lesson?

Since we have to improvise because of the virus, I try to think of fun things that students can do individually or with one partner. Math is hands on. I think about what activities will benefit students the best. This is a lot of trial and error. I never put a new standard in a center. I want students to understand what is being done in the center with little direction.

7.How do you plan the pacing lesson and how do you know how long it will take?

The pacing lesson is done for us by the district, however; I try to not to move on so fast if students are struggling. This is where I spiral review and do small groups. The timing all depends. I try to stay on schedule.

8.How do you know your students have learned what you wanted them to learn?

Exit tickets are powerful. They allow teachers to see if a student understands the lesson for the day. There are quick checks in the lessons given. We have a weekly assessment to see if students are 70 percent or higher on the standard.

9.How do you reflect about the lesson afterwards?

I normally just look at the students’ assignments and discussion. If they are not understanding, then I have to see what I need to do differently.

10.How would your reflection assist you in your future planning?

Reflection is helpful for me in my future planning. I am able to grow as a teacher as well as allowing my students to grow. I ask myself “What could I have done differently?” “Did the students understand the material?” “Did I keep the attention of my high students?” and etc. This helps me plan for the next week.


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What format do you use for writing lesson plans


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