Planning a Group

Planning a Group

 In the video, a woman name Nicole was sexually assaulted. She states she went to a party and their she was attacked.

Select one client on which to focus the development of a new treatment group.
Consider the unique circumstances and needs of the client in the media—and others in similar situations in your community who may benefit from a treatment group.
Review the literature on the client issue you chose (addiction or sexual assault trauma) to develop your statement of need for the group.

Submit a 2-page paper covering the following sections of your Treatment Group Proposal:

Purpose: Statement of purpose, specify and justify type of treatment group, qualifications of the group leader
Membership: Specific population for the group, cultural mix and demographic characteristics, whether involuntary group members will be included.
Statement of Need: Why is there a need for a group to serve this target population in your area?
Recruitment: Method to recruit potential members as well as screening and selection procedures.

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