Please answer these questions for admission into PHD

What are your research interests in the area of Information Technology? Why are you inspired to research in this area, and why do you think it is important to research in this area?
Why did you select PhD in Information Technology? Why did you select University X?
As an individual, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how will they impact you as a PhD IT student?
Where do you see the future of Information Technology going and where do you see yourself in this mix after obtaining PhD in Information Technology from university x?
PhD candidates should provide an authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interest. In the event that any outside resources are used, resources should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words or 125 words per question/prompt. It is best to respond to each prompt/question individually for clarity of the reviewer. Documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.



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PhD Admission Response

Question One

The primary areas of interest in the pursuit of a PhDinclude cybersecurity issues.Notably, theimplications and importance of the concept in contemporary society make it anideal field of research. Particularly so, it would be important for society to develop a framework that would present options for different stakeholders to cooperate in securing the cyberspace.

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