What did they think happened when one died?

2 Easy Assignments

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First Assignment

Tour SeattleArtMuseum.org (Links to an external site.): Tell me about the one work you liked the least…

Provide a photograph within your document… and provide a citation (artist name and artwork title and date of completion). This is the format for labeling artwork:

Artist, title, medium, size, date, ownership (museum or another name if available)

include the specific web address (copy and paste)

“medium” is what it is…i.e. oil on canvas. “date” is when the work was created, not today’s date.

Tell me why you do not like the work by describing it using the elements.

1. List each element and describe how it is used (1 sentence for each…just simple list format). Review slides for the list.

2. Summarize: Write one sentence about why you dislike the work beyond just the principles (your opinion).

3. Next, tell me how you might change the work to make it “good”? How could it utilize the elements in a more effective way? (1 sentence)

Second Assignment

The attached documents are for this assignment

Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

1. For Discussion 3, we will look at two short sources: a letter to the dead and a harper’s song. The first source was a letter written by a man to his deceased wife in ancient Egypt. The second was a poem or song meant to be recited or sung at a funeral. Once again, you may find the language a bit difficult— it’s just the nature of studying ancient history. Do your best with it, and if something from the materials is unclear or confusing, that might be something to bring up in your discussion post!

2. The purpose of this assignment is to practice using a primary source to gain insights into an ancient culture.

3. Your first task: answer the following questions in a 400-word post, using complete sentences and paragraphs:

• What type of sources are these?

• Who do you think wrote them?

• Who was the intended audience—who was supposedly going to read it?

• What seems to be the situation in source 1 (the letter)—what is the letter saying? What is the writer going through? What is he asking for? Do your best detective and guesswork here!

• What insights does harper’s song (source 2) give us into the Egyptians’ feelings about death?

• Draw some conclusions: What did they think happened when one died? What happened to one’s relationships? Did one have responsibilities? Was death something to be feared?

• Finally, do these sources present any potential problems for historians as far as relying on them for information?

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What did they think happened when one died

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