Poem analysis

Poem analysis

Midterm compositions will be 2-3 pages in length (double-spaced, 12-point font, with normal margins, Times New Roman).

The composition should offer your original interpretation of one poem that we have

studied in class (i.e. Maragall’s Ode to Spain, a poem from Marca(da) España or Bone Lonely, or one by Maria Teresa Horta). Compositions should emphasize textual analysis and argumentation rather than summarizing of the text. Supporting quotations from the poem being analyzed should be used to advance your particular interpretation, not pad the composition.

For example, if you choose to write on the figure of “Mother Spain” in Maragall’s Ode to Spain, you do not necessarily need to explain how long the poem is, or delve into Margall’s biography, or quote from sections of the poem that don’t have to do with “Mother Spain.”

Midterm compositions do not require additional citation of secondary sources, unless you believe that these secondary sources are useful in helping advance your interpretation.

Compositions should not be autobiographical in nature, or relate the content of the poem to your lived experience or personal backstory. While personal experience may inspire you to analyze a particular poem, what we are looking for is your interpretation of the text itself.

We encourage you to contact Alba or us by email or during office hours if you have questions about the midterm composition, or would like to go over a potential topic.

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The ‘Song for a Woman who was killed while she slept’ is a poem by Maria Horta that talks about a man who killed his wife while asleep.  The woman was in a deep sleep with her boy child when her husband who worked abroad, that is, France, came back home. It is so unfortunate that instead of…
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