Poem Reply to White Flock by Anna Akhmatova

Poem Reply to White Flock by Anna Akhmatova

Read below what i have to write about. It should be more details, examples and sources. it is worth for high points.

but make sure to follow the instructions and write more details and examples with sources. which specific. please

Special Projects

 Individual Projects

Write a poem responding to another poem (e.g. responding to Allen Ginsberg’s “Things I’ll not Do (Nostalgias)”)

Choose a famous or a less famous poem and write a poem responding to it. For example, you can write a poem about things you plan to do in your life, a poem written in response to Ginsberg’s “Things I’ll not Do (Nostalgias)” which is about things he would not do again in his life because of his age.

Solution Preview

I wish we could have taken advantage of what we had before we lost it,

Maybe we would not be chanting memorial songs that remind us of our past…

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