I have these lists of poem, that I need you to interpret them:

Hayden, “Winter Sundays”

Stafford, “Travelling Through the Dark”

Frost “Acquainted” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/47548/acquainted-with-the-night

Heaney, Punishment”

Rich, “Power”

The interpretation should cover the following ( the imaginary of the author – what the author trying to say – the figure of language that author uses whether it’s simile or metaphor or others – and any keywords mean )

Try to use specific experiences and references that the writer makes to show why you interpret the work in the way that you do.

Solution Preview

The poem is about a memory of the poet where he recalls the actions of a father who wakes up every Sunday morning to polish the shoes of his son. The only realizes later in life of the sacrifices that his father had to endure through becoming a hardworking man…

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