You will write a 5-page

You will write a 5-page (double-spaced/excluding visuals and works consulted) policy brief which presents a succinct yet thorough analysis of an arts or cultural policy of your choice (!! for this paper, I would like you to choose a policy about arts education). Imagine you are presenting this policy brief to lawmakers. You are welcome to utilize the Stages Model or Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Model in your policy analysis as needed. A general guideline for writing a policy brief and examples of arts policy briefs can be found in the tips for writing a policy analysis (in the file).

Your paper should include the following key elements:

1) Informative, engaging title

2) Problem statement: introduce and explain the background to the problem/issue that your chosen policy is related to.

3) Policy Analysis: Analysis of your chosen policy: history, purpose, current situation, major impact/outcomes…etc

4) Policy evaluation: you will come up with your own set of criteria to evaluate the policy – Quantitative (budget, number of projects funded…etc) vs qualitative (feedback from recipients, industry)

5) Policy alternatives: Are there any available alternative policy options? If there is no other policy option, discuss the lack thereof and why it is notable.

6) Policy recommendations: what actions are needed by decision-makers? Why this policy and not others? What are some expected outcomes? What implications does this policy have for arts organizations, artists, and arts insiders?

7) Works consulted

Your policy briefs will be graded based on their 1) persuasiveness (a.k.a. quality of supporting research evidence including facts and figures, your analysis), 2) brevity, and 3) scope of research − whether you have adequately, clearly addressed your policy targets, actors, and beneficiaries.

Please use an APA style formatting for your papers


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You will write a 5-page


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