Political Ecology

Political Ecology

Develop a point of view on an environmental sociologically-related theme related to a environmental topic. This paper must be organized by an arguable thesis that is developed throughout the paper and maintains a strong sense of purpose and focus.  The argument must be based upon and supported by scholarly research and other reliable sources. It should demonstrate your argument emerged as a result of your research, not your own personal views or bias.

In addition to developing the point of view, acknowledge and incorporate other points of view. This can be brief, as in a few sentences sprinkled throughout the paper, or a more fully developed counter-argument and rebuttal. Also, incorporate at least one visual figure.

The sample attached below. use a different topic

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The world’s environmental problems have risen to the level of major crisis. As such, environmental destruction is the most devastating crisis faced by people globally. Currently, there is so much destruction being done in all aspects of the environment that global ecosystems…

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