POS 1041 National Government

Discussion Post requires reading the prompt completely and carefully.
Please read the section entitled “Technology’s Potential in Foreign Affairs” on page 587.

After reading these two paragraphs, you should have an understanding of how internet technology was used as a tool to foster democracy in Asia and the Middle East by checking the authority and policies of governments exposing violations of Constitutional Rights using visual and audio message services and providing a logistical means of communications for cross-national movements of goods, services, and ideas to travel.

Given this understanding, how could internet technology be used as a tool to distort and upend democracy in an established democracy, like the US. You may use any chapter concept from your text to put your ideas forth. There is no right or wrong answer, the purpose of the Discusion Post is to assess your ability to correctly put together your ideas with the political science concepts from the text in a logical and consistent manner. Hint Chs. 1, 4,6, 7,8,9,10 and 11 pgs. 352-360 all contain the material to begin your posting. I would look at Ch. 11 before starting the Discussion Post.

Be sure to cite the concepts you use.



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National Government

    Internet technology has brought significant transformations on the democracy many countries such as the United States (Harrison, Harris, & Deardorff, 2019). Democratic features much determine the rate at which people participate in politics. This guides people to know how political leaders contribute to the community as well as the nation at large.

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