prank assignment 3

prank assignment 3

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Perform a prank at home and write a 2-page reflection paper. You may work individually or in groups, however all members must participate in the prank itself and each person needs to submit their own essay. While I trust your judgment and leave the prank entirely up to you, I suggest forming an intention before you plan your prank. Proper planning and anticipation of reactions makes for better pranks.

The 3 “Don’ts”

1. Don’t seriously harm or threaten to seriously harm, physically or emotionally, any sentient beings. 2. Don’t break the law.
3. Don’t do anything that would get you expelled or me fired.


  •  Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins (sometimes the default on Microsoft Word is 1.25 inches—be sure to change this)
  •  Some may not need to cite sources, but if you wish to cite sources please use MLA format:o…
  •  Avoid lengthy quotes—no page filler please
  •  Pick a unique title (not “Prank Assignment”)—that would be really boring
  •  Submit your essay through Canvas under the “Assignments” tab
  1. The Reflection Paper
    •  Explain your prank and your intention behind it.
      o Why did you pick this prank and what were your expectations? How did the audience andtarget(s) of the prank react? If you worked in a group, then explain who did what.
    •  How should we evaluate a prank?o What makes a prank successful? What is the difference between a good prank and a bad one? How does your prank compare to the criteria you just established?
    •  Do you see a connection between enjoying your prank and one’s moral character? Why or whynot?
    •  Overall, how satisfied are you with your prank? Is there a social benefit to pranks or stirring up chaos in general? Explain your reasoning.




Solution Preview

Giving a Friend a Glass of Water Naturally

The act of pranking someone successfully is more satisfying. Whether it is a family member, a friend, classmate or coworker the amazement on their face makes the planning of prank worth it according to Meeus, Wil, and Paul. Maybe not based on waste materials that are bes8ides the main point. Folks day offers more ideas on how to develop prank based on enjoying others.

My prank was set on offering my friends water the glass is turned upside down.

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