Primary and Secondary Enhancement

Primary and Secondary Enhancement

Enhancement efforts aim to achieve optimal functioning and life satisfaction, to “make life good” (primary enhancement) or “make life the best possible” (secondary enhancement).

  • Describe evidence-based applications of positive psychology concepts (flow, savoring, leisure activities) and strategies that contribute to the primary enhancement of psychological or physical health.
  • Share any personal experiences you may have had with these enhancement strategies and how they affected your psychological or physical health.
  • Discuss why it is important to discover and promote effective enhancement strategies.

Please include references. Google references work just fine, besides Wiki.


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Primary and Secondary Enhancement

Enhancement is defined as the advancement of something’s quality or value. In the case of psychology, enhancement is done to people who suffer from depression. The main aim of enhancement is to help depressed people gain control of their emotional state so that they are able to adjust to unemotional conditions hence controlling their emotional effects. Enhancement can be primary or secondary. Primary enhancement involves changing unemotional states of the patient to suit their desires. On the other hand, secondary enhancement involves changing the expectations of the patient to fit their emotional conditions.

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