Project Management

Project Management

Prepare a paper in which you address each of the following in separate, titled sections framed by an introduction and a conclusion:

  1. Select a hypothetical or real projectin a professional organizational environment, like implementing a computer system or replacing a set of outdated machines in a manufacturing cell. Describe the project specifically and measurably in terms of scope, budget, schedule, and quality.
  2. Identify 3-4 logical chronological phases that comprise the entirety of the project duration and describe these phases.
  3. Brainstorm a total of eight risks facing this project, including six negative risks and two positive risks. State each of the six negative risks concisely in the form of an undesirable event and explain each risk. State each of the two positive risks concisely in the form of a desirable event and explain each risk.
  4. Prepare a table that includes the following column headings, from left to right: Project Phase, Risk, Impact, Likelihood, Composite Risk Score, Response Type, and Response Description. Populate only the first two of these columns. Populate the first column with the names of the phases identified in (2) above. Populate the second column with the eight risks identified in (3) above in such a way that each risk appears in the same row of the table as the project phase to which it pertains. Title, but do not populate, the Impact, Likelihood, Composite Risk Score, Response Type, and Response Description columns at this time. You will populate these columns as a part of your Module 6 CT Assignment.

Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length, including the table presented in (4) above. You are required to support your paper with at least three scholarly sources.

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