Project Proposal

Create a written Project Proposal about “Apple Health Record mobile patient app” Please include:
• The role and impact of health information technology on a healthcare system and the significance of identifying key stakeholders
• Discussion on the important factors to be considered when analyzing whether a key trend (e.g., Apple Health Record app) will benefit a healthcare organization
• Discussion on the potential regulatory and ethical issues related to the use and management of an emerging technical solution, including data security and privacy
• Description of which type of analysis needs to be performed to assess if this solution will optimize clinical and business performance outcomes and achieve the goal of interoperability
• Discussion on the role and impact of healthcare administrators in facilitating effective change management related to technology solutions and the use of this solution
• Description of the impact of emerging HIT applications, such as the Apple Health app, on patients, healthcare delivery, and data analytics
• A summary of your final recommendation on the use of this new technology
• Reference page of the resources utilized

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