What format or type of documentation do you propose?

Info Studies Capstone

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer systems question and need guidance to help me learn.


This document must address all 5 of these areas. This can be in Paragraph format with your explanations or can use bullet points as well.

Each part must be turned in separately – one per assignment tab

1) What format or type of documentation do you propose? How will it be available?

2) What type of testing do you propose? How much time do you propose for testing?

3) What is your System Changeover Plan and why it is the best for your project?

4) What type of Training do you propose and why? Vendor Training, Webinar, Tutorials, Outside training, Interactive?

5) What type of Maintenance and support are you proposing?

Only Microsoft Word doc or PDF files

Professor notes:

I want to go over this assignment. I know there’s five different parts to it, but each part is actually quite small and I want to make sure you’re aware of each part. Firstly, you have the documentation plan. So that is what what type of documentation are you proposing? Not only what type of documentation, how is it going to be available? So when you looked at your taxed and new thought about or you read about the different documentation, Think about your system. Would your documentation be in the form of some online document or FAQ? Would there be a kind of old school, some large paper manual would be some, some HTML document that search. So, so what is that? You know, you’re just talking a few sentences or a paragraph. What type of documentation and how’s it going to be available for your system? Testing, your your book whenever testing the different types of testing. What what type is appropriate for your system? And how how much time do you think that testing is going to take? Three, the system changeover plan. So that was what used to be called the implementation plan. And actually is that three different areas. But now it’s really just looking at the four main options for changing over your system area. You gotta do something phase, you’re gonna do something piloted. And why, why is that style best for your project, not in general, but for, for your system? Fourth, training plan. What type of training do you propose for your system? Is it something for that the vendor, you know, if you’re outsourcing a vendor would provide is something maybe you would have or your system would be appropriate and later classroom setting if you’re developing something for like a hospital or, or business and you need to provide some training to them one-on-one or in small groups, even though that’s not in the book, you need to think about these type of things. Budding Atwood’s, which methods are most appropriate and why. And then lastly, we have a maintenance and support. Are you proposing ongoing maintenance? Ongoing support. Are you having a helpdesk? Are you having various tutorials? Are there upgrades that you would doing overtime because of new versions or new updates and that type of a so each one of these has a section that I did that specifically because I want the second segmented and not just on one large documents, you might just have a small word document or a PDF for each one of these sessions or see each one of these tabs rather. But yeah, hopefully that explains this kind of goes off of your book and some of our in-class discussion. And yeah, I look forward to hearing and reading these.

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What format or type of documentation do you propose


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