Pros and Cons of the New SNAP System

Pros and Cons of the New SNAP System

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is designed to assist those needing additional resources to support food and nutrition needs. Proposed changes in SNAP would alter the amount of money available monthly, in addition to modifying ‘how’ SNAP products are distributed. These recent recommendations for SNAP changes have generated considerable conversation about the efficiency and effectiveness of the current system.

Read the article in RESOURCES on SNAP. Using references / citations, respond to the following:

  1. From a supply chain perspective, discuss the pros and cons of the ‘new’ system being proposed. Keep the focus on the supply chain and the ultimate consumer.
  2. How do you suggest ‘correcting’ some of the problems with the ‘new’ system?

Support your responses with articles and not just your opinions. Supply chain issues can impact the success of the proposed program.


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The new SNAP system has several advantages and disadvantages that may face some of the stakeholders who administer the system. One of the major benefits is that it caters for the needs of the people who cannot afford any decent meal…

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