There was some physical abuse up until my late teens

There was some physical abuse up until my late teens

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Characteristics of Post-Traumatic Outcome

Of the 10 trauma characteristics that was listed in the Principles of Trauma Therapy and Treatment (Briere & Scott, 2015) text, I was on the fence of which I felt could be the most difficult for a client to deal with. I pondered each characteristic and imagined myself experiencing each situation. I narrowed it down to two: combat exposure and involvement in killing others, and traumas of longer duration or greater frequency. I chose these because these two characteristics can integrate. Imagine a marine who experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and in an attempt escape the abuse, joined the military only to go to war on three different tours and experience more abuse in the military. He suffers from severe PTSD, psychosis, depression, anxiety, somatic disorder, factitious disorder, codependent personality disorder, and substance use disorder. He is my uncle.

I suffered from late onset PTSD and Generalize Anxiety Disorder from years of abuse from my family. There was some physical abuse up until my late teens, but the psychological abuse and emotional neglect did not stop until I went “no contact” with my family. People asked why I let it go on for so long. My answer was, “I did not know anything was wrong.” I went through therapy to undo 35 years of abuse. When I first started, my therapist did not know whether or not I would heal. Briere & Scott said, “Because it occurs early in life, when the child’s neurobiology may be especially vulnerable and enduring cognitive models about self, others, the world, and the future are being formed, child abuse and neglect is likely to constitute one of the greatest risk factors for later psychological difficulties of all traumatic events”. I do not fully agree with this statement.

I have never been to war, but my uncle has. The grotesque stories that he has told about war and military involvement is more than one person can bare. He watched people get blown up and pieces of human remains fly everywhere, children were shot to death, he was raped by people in his squad, he suffered psychological abuse by his comraderies up until he was discharged for mental health issues. I know what I went through as far as duration and greater frequencies of trauma, but what my uncle went through in the war is far worse. I healed. My uncle, on the other hand, has been through many programs the military offers for VA’s suffering from PTSD, addiction, depression, suicide, etc. He still suffers every day.


Briere, J. N. & Scott, C. (2015) Principles of trauma therapy: A guide to symptoms, evaluation, and treatment (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: CA: SAGE.


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There was some physical abuse up until my late teens


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