Is there a pain-prone personality?

Is there a pain-prone personality?


Is there a pain-prone personality?

Research this topic and provide supporting evidence for the position you take.

One source you might find interesting is: Is There a Chronic Pain Personality Profile?

Organize your thoughts by separating the research into the four areas as indicated in the grading rubric below.

Please be sure that you:

Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least three additional professional sources.
Write a scholarly article in APA format containing at minimum 400 words.
Grading Criteria Points
Discussion of pain and personality:

Overview of pain (12)
Overview of personality (12)
Overview of pain-prone personality (12)
Evidence of pain-prone personality (12)
60 points
APA style citations of all resources 20 points
Spelling/Grammar 20 points
Failure to post word count -10 points
Failure to write a minimum of 400 words -10 points
Late submission -10 points/ day late


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Is there a pain-prone personality


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