Did your colleague recommend the most current versions?

PSY640 Reply to Joshua’s Post Week 4 Interactive Assignment Applications In Personality Testing

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Details: Reply to Joshua’s post below
Assess the additional instruments suggested by your colleague. Did your colleague recommend the most current versions? How would these suggested measures provide reliable, valid, and culturally appropriate results for each of the given scenarios? Use scholarly and/or peer-reviewed resources to support your assertions. What other measure(s) would you suggest your colleague use in this situation?

Joshua’s Post

Mr. J is a 44-year-old male who was recently admitted to a mental health center after attempting suicide involving vehicular carbon monoxide poisoning. He was given the MMPI-3 on 08/01/2020 which found that Mr. J’s diagnostic considerations revolve around Major Depression related illnesses and Anxiety-related disorders. The MMPI-3 is utilized to help professionals diagnose psychological illnesses along with analyzing certain zones that may contribute to those psychological illnesses. The scores on the substantive scales would indicate higher levels of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal dysfunction and would find that suicidal ideation be among emotional-internalizing findings. Behavioral problems would include motivational properties and interpersonal difficulties would include social components. There were several categories that would score less than 90% that could indicate an unscorable response and therefore be artificially lowered. Responses from the MMPI-3 indicate that Mr. J is in a large amount of emotional distress and treatment actions should be immediate.

Ms. S was referred by her previous dr. With concerns about attentional functioning. She has described in her history of longstanding issues with depression and anxiety. Ms. S has taken a variety of testing to measure the severity of her concerns.

Ms. S, during the testing process, we took a look at some different categories to get a better understanding of what you may be feeling. We went ahead and looked at your cognitive ability, achievement, information processing along with personality and mood. From what we can tell, everything looked fairly well with only a few concerns. It looked like the anxiety that you may have been having did have a slight impact on your testing score and it did look like you showed quite a significant benefit from extended time administration and it would appear that your mathematics comprehension is a little lower than what we usually see. One thing that I did notice was that of your MMPI-3 scores. From what we can gather it does look like you have a mild to moderated depressed mood but it doesn’t look like it met the criteria to diagnose a depressive disorder. This just means that we can incorporate some day-to-day changes to help with some of these feelings so they don’t get too severe.

What I do suggest is that you consider looking into some therapy sessions to help with the anxiety and that mildly depressed mood that you are feeling and you and your therapist can talk about different treatment options like medication or the continuation of therapy. Since your test did show a significant increase when given more time, I have put some accommodations that would be helpful in a school setting such as using a calculator on the standardized testing and extended time for any mathematic exams. In terms of your daily life, I also put down some recommendations like taking breaks from tedious work and making your work environment as distraction-free as possible. On the paperwork, it shows more in depth of these accommodations and recommendations, so if you have any questions about them you can always give me a call.

Another assessment that could benefit both clients is the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28).

The GHQ-28 is a self-reporting screening measure that helps aid in detecting possible psychological disorders in an individual. There are 28 questions that identify an individual’s current mental state that has four subscales. They are somatic symptoms, anxiety/insomnia, social dysfunction, and severe depression. One thing that I did notice with Mr. J was that there was only one assessment done. I believe that with the MMPI-3 indicating a high level of suicidal risk with Mr. J, he should continue to be monitored and more assessments should be made. I think that gearing the assessment towards depressive mental status would be more beneficial, such as the BDI or HAM-D. Both of these have been proven to have a higher validation and is used by many psychologists to help better understand an individual depressive state.

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