The Sociology of Sexual Orientation

Details: Answer each question with a college-level explanation and be sure to give examples. Use the two sources given to you. Chapter 5.

Define sexual orientation and gender identity. (Defines both sexual orientation and gender identity adequately.)

Summarize the history of sexual orientation. (Meets expectations – Adequately describes the history.)

Describe how views about LGBT issues have changed since a few decades ago. (Meets expectations – Describes the change of LGBT issue over the past few decades using specific examples and details.)

Provide three examples of heterosexual privilege. (Provides three accurate examples of heterosexuality privilege)

Explain the behavioral, psychological, and health effects of bullying and another mistreatment of the LGBT community. (Meets Expectations – Adequately describes the psychological, health, and behavioral effects of bullying. Provide at least 4 explanations.)

List and explain which measures show promise of reducing inequality based on sexual orientation. (Proves four measures including detail and examples. Provide at least 5 explanations and examples.)

List and describe the possible reasons for sexual orientation. (Meets explanations – Provides multiple explanations for sexual orientation.)

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Define sexual orientation and gender identity.


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