Focusing on the positive future goals

Focusing on the positive future goals

Week 14 Activity

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We are bombarded by millions of stimuli everyday that our senses must process. Our brain then takes these sensory experiences and processes them more complexly. For instance, what we see or experience is usually deemed as attractive or unattractive. Then, we eventually further break it down even more perceptually into a positive or a negative.

Let’s face it, having a chronic negative perception of life (aka pessimism) can become an easy habit this day and age. It’s much healthier psychologically and physically to focus on the positive in our lives. Research shows brain circuits that regulate mood may work less efficiently via a chronic negative perception.

Focusing on the positive future goals such as our careers, relationships, and other accomplishments can help improve our current mood. This activity is meant to help students focus on the positive.

To begin, click ”Week 14 Activity” and open the Worksheet provided. *Please provide a minimum of 2-3 sentences for each question to receive full credit.

After you complete, save it as a Word document and then drag and drop (or upload) it into the assignment area drop box. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this process

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Focusing on the positive future goals


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