psychosocial Crises of Later Adulthood and Elderhood, psychology homework help

psychosocial Crises of Later Adulthood and Elderhood, psychology homework help



As individuals approach later adulthood and elderhood, they begin to accept the terminations of old roles and embrace the emergence of new roles, including coming to terms with the concept of death and facing issues related to death. This involves the psychosocial crisis of integrity versus despair for (older adults) and immortality and extinction (elderhood). Draw on your Development Through Life textbook readings, Chapters 13 and 14  (See the PDF and draw your ideas from chapter 13 and 14), to complete the following:

  • Assess the challenges and rewards for counselors working with individuals in this stage of life.
  • Discuss some of the characteristic challenges present in the psychosocial crisis in these stages of development.
  • Describe how your family of origin views the process of caring for the elderly within your family and views the process of death. For this portion of your post, begin a separate paragraph, and feel free to respond to this aspect in the first person.
  •  Please remember to cite and reference your sources in APA style. (2 Pages)




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Counselors have to work closely with individuals at the late adulthood and elderly to help them deal with all the issues that come with their age. Life changes at this point and the best way is to deal with the situation as it presents itself because an elderly person experiences a lot of transformation. The counselor may therefore have the following benefits of treating these patients. They are sometimes easy to deal with considering that they do not keep things in their minds for longer periods. The nurse can therefore be able to change their perspective of thinking about life and hence introduce a more positive view. The professional in this case usually feels accomplished if they are able to make the patient feel better about their situation which gives them the motivation to keep doing more.

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