Public Health Question

Public Health Question

Research question: What is the effect of mandatory covid-19 vaccination
coverage for all citizens in the U.S?

  1. What variables and health outcomes will your group focus on?
    The variables should be the amount of people vaccinated different from the amount
    that are not vaccinated and the health outcome(s) we will focus on is if the rate of
    immunizations improved and was the rate of COVID-19 cases controlled.
  2. Further explore your selected data source. Are there other resources available
    through your selected data source that will be helpful in analyzing your data or
    developing your data brief?
    There is a clinical and professional resource under the National Health Interview
    Survey (NHIS) that includes a COVID-19 vaccine data system that offers
    tracking/reporting the distribution of vaccines within the U.S. This will be helpful in
    developing our data brief to see the effectiveness (from our research question) of
    people going to the clinic to get vaccinated.

Independent variable: Amount of people who are now vaccinated due to vaccination
Dependent Variable: Rate of Immunization progress/improvement (are COVID-19
cases controlled or not)

  1. The data that would be appropriate for those variables from the database about
    our research question:

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