How would you describe the environment?

How would you describe the environment?

Scenario: You are the director of your state’s Department of Education and you have been asked to give a speech to parents about the educational environment options in your state.

Research the following educational environments:

Public school
Choose one of the educational environments above and write a 525- to 700-word speech that answers the following questions based on research, not just opinion (the environment should general like your state’s public schools, your state’s guidelines for private schools, etc):

How would you describe the environment? What is like inside the school…what sets it apart from other learning environments?
What are the qualifications for teaching in this environment? Based on your choice of school, what does your state require for teachers?
How does this type of school obtain its funding? How does this schooling environment get its money?
When did this type of school originate? Be specific…when was the first charter school, public school, home school, online school or private school?-how, who, when….
How does the public view this environment? Don’t just give your opinion…research how people generalize about this type of schooling
How is this type of school environment held accountable for student academic outcomes? Are students required to take state and/or national standardized tests? Are there any reporting requirements to share student test results with the public? Does your schooling choice require testing? How and who does your school report to for accountability? How does your school monitor the progress of students? What do they do with the test scores?
How does this environment support technology and innovation? How does your schooling environment view technology? How does it support or not support technology in schools?.
Imagine yourself presenting this to an audience. Lead with a strong introductory paragraph introducing yourself and the topic and end with a strong conclusive paragraph.

Rules of grammar and spelling will be graded. This is an essay, so paragraphs, full sentences, etc. are required.

APA formatting is required.

this is a speech, will you just make it like a speech and include everything, and just like you talking to an audience

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How would you describe the environment


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