Quality Measurement Reporting In Other Healthcare Settings

Conduct a search of literature or online resources to find quality measures used in settings other than acute care facilities. Present your findings in a 2 page paper (written in APA format) that answers the following questions:

  1. What type of quality measures can the organizations evaluate (process or outcomes)?
  2. Is aggregate data publicly reported? If so, is there a website or other medium the report is published in?
  3. Are these measures required to meet accreditation and/or licensure standards? Specify the requirements
  4. Are the measures based on clinical, administrative and other sources, like patient satisfaction, or patient-reported outcomes?
  5. Are benchmarking data available through an accrediting body, quality organization or professional association for facilities to compare their quality data?
  6. Can the measures be used to evaluate patient safety, reduce risk or monitor healthcare utilization? Explain the aspects of quality the measures are focused on.
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Notably, organizations can evaluate their outcome measures which reflect on the impact of their health intervention on the patient’s health status. Unlike the process measure that indicates what the provider does to improve health…
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