Questions on US Immigration Readings

Questions on US Immigration Readings

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Deportation of undocumented immigrants would be termed as a legal and challenging task, this comes with practical issues that would affect the country at large. Most of the undocumented immigrants are the economic and cultural lifeblood of certain parts of the country. The task of deporting 11 million people as per experts is a difficult task to carry out. The United States federal government will have to open several emergency courts and get a number of judges since most deportations require approval by the judges. The impact on the economy would be larger than just building courts, the government needs money to building prisons and other buildings that are necessary to detain the millions of immigrants. Immigration amnesty is possible for individuals that have the entered the United States illegally, though it’s clear to note that amnesty is granted to specific individuals especially if one hasn’t committed any illegal activity rather than being in the country illegally.

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