Racism or Immigration

Racism or Immigration

-Introduce the topic (immigration or racism).

-Explain why the topic is important.

-Introduce your research article(s).

Select one article from an academic journal, such as the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Then discuss and evaluate the article.

Immigration or Racism



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Racism is a concept so old in media, social science research and legal platforms that it is not strange to hear racism form and vital aspect of a discussion to do with policy or normal social interactions. Racism entails the recognition of race so that one may only approve of individuals of their own race and feel that individuals from other races are inferior. Ullucci, (2006) explains racism to be the discrimination of individuals based on their racial background. Racism is problematic due to its social effects and the extent to which racist notions affect development and progress. Relationships that are characterized by racism are usually strained and normally lead to conflicts that do not encourage peaceful coexistence or progress especially when considering project and task related environments requiring team work and cooperation.

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