Read Case Study and answer discussion question

Read Case Study and answer discussion question

Read Case Study 4-1 Trash and Waster Pickup Services in the uploaded document. Answer question 1. What are the positive and negative aspects of Anderson’s use of the GPS-based system to monitor his drivers and sales people?

Work must be 1 FULL page, single spaced, 12 font Times New Roman. The cover and reference page must be on separate pages with at least 5 references. You should have at least one in text citation for every reference and try to use reference other than or in addition to the uploaded textbook.




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The Global Positioning System is the world satellite navigation system that that is formed from a radio station in the collection of the 24 world’s satellites. People use GPS monitors in different organizations for ether work monitoring or security purposes. The GPS monitor has several advantages in organizations. In this case, Anderson has a position to maintain controlling his vehicles. Another benefit that GPS monitor offers to Anderson is the easy access to his customers without meeting them physically. In addition to the interests of the GPS monitor in the organization, there are also some few disadvantages that affect the daily activities in an organization. Lack of local knowledge is one of the obstacles that mainly affect the organizations who are using the GPS trackers to monitor the events taking place within the organization, (Damani et al. 2015).

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