Real Estate Law 005

 Real Estate Law 005

All of you should read the discussion questions below and attempt to do it on your own.

Now that you have read Unit 7 of your textbook, WRITE ONE OR TWO PARAGRAPHS in response to the following discussion prompt. After you post your discussion response, you must reply to at least one other student’s reply. You will not be able to see or reply to anyone else’s posts until you submit your own discussion question answers. Replies must be thoughtful and offer some substantive feedback to your classmate’s post (answers like “I agree” or “I don’t understand what you’re saying here” will not be counted). 

You are buying your first home and your real estate agent asks you how you intend to “hold” your property. Of the various forms of property ownership you learned about in the readings (i.e. fee simple, defeasible fee, life estate, etc.), what type of property ownership would you likely choose and why? (You will receive a maximum of 9 points for how thoroughly and well-written your response is, and 1 potential point for responding to a classmate’s post). 

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