Real Estate Law common interest communities

Conduct some research on common interest communities and answer the following questions on them:

What is the difference between a cooperative and a condominium?
What is a declaration of condominium and why is important?
Name five elements that a declaration of condominium should contain.
What are time shares and would you consider getting one? If so, where and why?
Explain what a CCRC is and explain in detail each of the three types of contracts involved with living at one.
APA Format, Minnesota is the STATE 1-2 pages

book used in class is

Real Estate Law Fundamentals
Hughes, A. H., Goldman, T. F., Nemeth, C. P. (03/2013). Real Estate Law Fundamentals, 1st Edition




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Common interest community is referred as a real estate where the owners of the housing properties will get to pay real estate taxes, for the maintenance and any improvement to the housing properties. A common interest community will feature condominiums, timeshares cooperatives as well as other housing estate development. A condominium frequently preferred as a condo will feature an apartment or building with several houses.

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