Reflection on Internship at City Clerk Office

Reflection on Internship at City Clerk Office

Students are expected to select a topic related to the internship experience and to a particular theoretical issue in public administration. The paper must be analytical in nature, with five to seven pages as a minimum expectation. The length of the paper does not include the reference or title page. All papers must be typed, double spaced. Use APA style. Include a minimum of one book (not a text used in other coursework) or four journal articles regarding public administration in your bibliography. It is probably easiest to first pick a specific course (e.g. policy development, government and administration, public budgeting, etc.) and then look at how the issues treated in it are handled at the city clerk office. The paper must be submitted in a Microsoft Word or a compatible format. Papers are graded primarily on the content, but style, grammar, and form will count. Carefully proof and edit your paper. Papers must have: a title page; an introduction describing the topic and its importance (this should be accomplished in the first two paragraphs); a conclusion discussing what lessons your case study teaches about your topic; and a bibliography. You should list all of your sources completely in the bibliography and use in-text citations in parentheses by author, year, and page number(s). A full citing of books should be listed in the bibliography. Consult a style manual for the APA guidelines to ensure you have cited references properly. Do not assume you are doing it correctly. Major ideas and quotes taken from the sources must be cited. Failure to do so is plagiarism and can result in a failure on the paper, class, and academic expulsion from the University.

the paper also have to reflect an internship at the city clerk office as an office staff

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Public administration plays a crucial in the well-being of communities. They provide public services, which often complement the private utilities, thus improving the societies’ welfare. Thus, the role city clerk office is an urban community cannot be understated. The clerks as of the official keep of…

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