Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

Write a reflective piece explaining the immigrant experience in the United States. The essay should include reference to:

Education- How immigrant who have degree back home comes to United States and have to start over.

2. Expectation- Explain how immigrant expected more coming to United States and wish they knew certain things before they decided migrated.

3. Adjustment- Explain how the adjustment isn’t always easy. Explain the hardships and challenges immigrants face.

4. Regret – Explain why some immigrants may have desires to return home. Explain how they normally don’t feel Americanized.

5. The Reality of the American Dream

Below is what i have stated writing:

I learned the real challenges immigrants experience in the United States. They experience lifestyle adjustment, culture. differences, and a whole different level of acceptance. They are not just learning and adjusting to one culture, but to hundreds of cultures to become a real global citizen. They are fighting external stereotypes about themselves and internal ones that are already embedded in their mind about America and the American people. Yet, throughout this course the Individual I read about had a different experience of living in the States. Some had positive and others had negative. The most important thing that strikes me is learning how they needed to have balance in order to embed themselves in the society and to be a productive citizen without losing their identity and values. Of course, everyone’s experience is different and unique, but I will explain what I have learned and the major things immigrant struggled with.




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Immigrants in the United States have to adjust to various aspects of life especially culture, which is different from that of their motherland. They have to adapt to certain changes in their new environment in America which they have to consider home, upon arrival. Despite some immigrants enjoying a positive experience in America, others have a bad experience as they struggle to cope without their original homeland essence such as traditions, customs and beliefs,

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