Have you been to Oshkosh?

Have you been to Oshkosh?


Discussion: Navigating Oshkosh

STEP 1: WRITE YOUR INITIAL POST (Initial post must be at least 300 words)




Die-hard enthusiasts will rave about the world’s greatest aviation celebration at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. Possibly considered a “right of passage”, some will say the only way to gain the full experience of Oshkosh is to fly a light aircraft in and camp out for the week. Others will fly in commercially and drive, booking early.

No matter your preference, it is widely known throughout the aviation industry that the event creates some of the busiest airspaces in the world. Read the articles provided (the links above) and any other information you may find on Oshkosh and high-traffic navigation.

Based on what you’ve learned, discuss the following:

Have you been to Oshkosh? If so what was your impression?

Do you ever plan to attend or work at Oshkosh in the future? Attending as a pilot/visitor or ATC?

What are your thoughts on the safety of navigating a light aircraft into Oshkosh during the event?

The navigation into Whittman Regional Airport is primarily Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Do you think that GPS technology should be used for waypoints instead of visual references?


NOTE: I’m majoring ATC


STEP 2: REPLY TO THE TWO CLASSMATE’S DISCUSSIONS (responses must be at least 100 words for each)

First classmate’s discussion:

The annual Oshkosh airshow looks really amazing to attend. I have never been there myself but I would love to go if I had the chance to. Firstly I would attend as a visitor, then possibly in the future, I’d bid to go work there as an Air Traffic Controller, once I gain the experience to handle such commotion. My thoughts on the safety of navigating a light aircraft into the airport where this event takes place is kind of on both sides, I think it would be great to do but dangerous. There are so many other larger aircraft types that come in and out every day there, potentially causing turbulence issues for the smaller aircraft. As far as the navigation at Whittman Regional Airport goes, I think that since they’ve been using VFR flight rules for so long without any disturbances, they can continue doing so. Maybe in the future if the airport becomes busier at different parts of the year they could weigh out if they would want to implement GPS technology into the airspace.


Second classmate’s discussion:

I have never been to Oshkosh, but I have heard great things about it. I have a friend who works there during the summers and she talks about it a lot, and explains what she does and it seems very interesting. I don’t know if I would have ever wanted to go or known about it if it wasn’t for her. I think that Oshkosh air traffic controllers and pilots do an amazing job of running such a big facility and air show. They do it every year and things seem to always run smoothly without trouble. They have been able to perfect the show over the years to make it the amazing event it is today. I think that using GPS technology could easily be used for both waypoints and visual preferences. I think it would depend on the pilots preference more than anything. It might be easier to use one or the other in some circumstances, but whatever is the preference of the pilot is what I think should be used.

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Have you been to Oshkosh


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