What seems to be the most common violation?

What seems to be the most common violation?

The United States, for the most part, holds nurses in high regard. Esteemed for knowledge and caring, the nurse has heavy responsibilities and requires that he/she understand the legal and ethical ramifications of the position held.

In this discussion forum, we will pause to evaluate the untoward subjects of negligence and malpractice. You will examine the incidence of negligence/ malpractice in your state of residence.


Research and write a summary of the three types of malpractice most commonly used as grounds to sue nurses in your state, including the following:

-A description of each type of malpractice

-The circumstances in which the malpractice led to a lawsuit

-How will your state board respond to the nurse being sued for malpractice

State Boards of Nursing send out reports, usually quarterly, on disciplinary actions for nurses who have violated board regulations. Access your states report and comment on the follow:

-What seems to be the most common violation?

– Describe the disciplinary actions prescribed by the State Board

-What are your thoughts on the disciplinary actions.

Submission Instructions:

Please post your initial response by 23:59 CST Wednesday, and comment on the posts of two classmates by 23:59 CST Sunday. Follow the rubric and discussion forum guidelines to complete the forum.

** I reside in the state of Mississippi**** So please address this assignment on this state

I am needing a great answer for this discussion pertaining to the state of Mississippi.


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What seems to be the most common violation


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