How was religion involved in reservations?

How was religion involved in reservations?

1.)Name three ways Native Americans were moved from their homeplace?
2.)What was meant by, “kill the Indian, save the man”?
3.)How was religion involved in reservations?
4.)After being removed from their “spiritual homeplace”, how might this affect American Indian religion?
5.)How do Native Americans view and value oral traditions?
6.)How do ancient traditions remain relevant today?
************************************************************************************************************************************* Often when we think back to a time when we witnessed or participated in something significant we remember the highlights or what is most fantastic, the spectacle. But sometimes what takes place before or after a significant event is neglected or not given any value or attention. The preparation, the help from volunteers, the bringing of objects or food, etc. Answer the following as briefly as possible:

1) While reading, researching, and learning about the Sun Dance ceremony, describe what you believe might be some of the observable and unobservable aspects of the ceremony or culture.

2) Why might an individual participate in the sun dance?

3) Do women participate in sun dance ceremony? Do they perform sun dance ceremony?

*****************************************************************************************************************************************In Zimmerman we are given a few examples of when there is hybridity between Native and non-Native religious practices. Sometimes it is when there is a dire need to believe in something greater than the conditions a people are living in. In the Yaqui Easter ceremony there is an accepted blend of traditional Yaqui ways and Catholicism. Answer the following:

1) In what ways does the Yaqui Easter ceremony reflect Yaqui history and environment?

2) This hybridity exists in other cultures; can you describe, in your best and most respectful language, where it exists and what cultures are being represented?

The articles and videos should have demonstrated a variety of descriptions and perspectives on what Native sand painting is and/or was. There is the Native and also the non-Native lenses in which to examine cultures (emic and etic, “insider” and “outsider”).

1) Did you feel the language from the sources I provided had any bias?

2) Did the variety of sources ever share the same language or descriptions?

3) Provide a short description of the Navajo Sand Painting ceremony according to what you found to be authentic or legitimate information (I know you may not be a professional anthropologist or a member of the Navajo Nation, but do your best). It can be in bullet points.



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How was religion involved in reservations


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