Religious Studies Response

Religious Studies Response

answer these question in paragraph for each question

1) identify four divine attributes mentioned in Anselm’s prolongation. give a brief definition or description of each.

2) describe in one or two paragraphs the deposit of faith as taught by Bei Verbum. Be sure to identify the parts of it as well as the means by which it is interoreted.

3) what is anselm’s problem in proslogion 14-26? what are the two causes of it ? what does anselm present as the solution to this problem

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Firstly, God is Omnipotent. He has the power to create and destroy anything that exists, and such power is limitless. Secondly, eternity is another of the four primary divine attributes. According to this attribute, God does not have a life-span and has existed for as long as is possibly traceable and will…

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