Renaissance Essay

Synthesize the literary examples from the Renaissance using three noted writers Jean Toomer, Eric Waldron and Zora Neale Hurston and by using all of the following areas of discussion to develop your narrative:1) the use of vernacular to develop narrative; 2) references to symbols that were most used to help describe the conditions and further our understand of “text”; 3) discussions about the social conditions which contributed to the author’s position about the participants in the Renaissance; 4) an explanation and emphasis of Du Bois’ concept of “transformation vs. transfiguration” in literature.

Essay must be 900 words minimum/maximum, in double spaced Chicago style citations with proper punctuation and capitalization.

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During the Renaissance, the African American writers might have been the best sellers, but it was not until 1940 when the Negro attained this status. In this regard, the Negro writers had to fight for their position within the society…
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