Report on 3 Journal Articles

I need a 5-page report on 3 sources that I have found for my research paper. I can send you a statement paper that I wrote about my research so you can have an idea of what I am talking about. Also, I have uploaded the articles and my statement paper

Requirements of the report-paper:

– Table of contents(headings & subheadings).

– Brief synopsis of final project.

– Objectives of final project.

– What you looked for in reports.

-Report titles, author, sources and dates views. (dates can be a week ago from today)

– How many reports viewed. ( more than 5 )

– Why these three chosen.

-Ease of understanding.

-New information.

– Value to your research.








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Table of Contents

Table of Content                                                                                                                       2

Brief Synopsis of Final Project                                                                                                  2

Objectives of Final Project                                                                                                        2

Automated Manual Transmissions                                                                                             3

Does Automatic Transmission Improve Driving Behavior in Older Drivers?                    4

Assessment of Manual, Automatic and Continuously Variable Transmission

 Powertrains for Gasoline Engine Powered Midsize Saloon Vehicle.                               6

Brief Synopsis of Final Project

The final project is based on car engines considering it is the most vital part of the car. The basis of the project is on transmission.

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