Report on organizations for individuals with disabilities

Several agencies and organizations for individuals with disabilities were discussed in this module. There are some agencies which serve similar missions in your local area. Please select one to study more in depth and report on. While this may be an online exploration, if possible, you are encouraged to personally visit the agency.

You may also report on an agency that you and/or someone you know has accessed. The expectation, however, is that this is a new learning experience. If you choose to report on an agency you are familiar with be sure to explain how your inquiry has deepened your understanding and perspective on the agency. In all cases, respond to the prompts below. In 1 page typed, double-spaced paper,

please discuss the mission of the agency or organization you choose and address the following.

What is the history of the agency and what led to its formation? Specifically, why does the agency exist, who was involved in creating the agency, and who are they meant to serve?

Describe the agency’s services, the range of training required for employees, and the numbers of clients or participants it serves.

How the services funded and what are the major operating costs?

How do individuals with disabilities access the services the agency offers?

What were your impressions upon visiting the agency?

You may use any sources from the course as appropriate. You should also use outside sources to deepen your understanding of the agency/organization. All sources used need to be cited.

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