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Answer the following prompt with 10 – 12 complete sentences and 2 replies to classmates with 5 – 6 complete sentences:

Discuss the proposition that dating and mate selection in the United States is similar to a game. What rules govern the game? How do the rules vary by gender? How are the rules enforced, and how do males and females differ in their approaches to dating and mate selection?

I will give you their replies

from Huong

The rules of the dating game are varied at different groups of ages. The adolescence stage is innocent where you first have a “crush” and start to notice the attraction for other people. In your 20s, this is where people develop their first serious relationship or they start to engage in the hooking up culture. People who are in their 30s or 40s are more tend to settle down and start to have a family. However, there are also people who are in their 30s or 40s who are still in the dating game or recently back in the dating game. In comparison to the younger generation, people in their mid-life have fewer selections and it is more difficult for them to participate in the dating scene.

The dating game in the United States has changed throughout the year. In the United States, there are millions of people between the ages of 18-24, 18-24 who are considered prime dating and mate selection ages. Back in the day, the goal for dating is to find marriage. However, with the current generation, people tend to disconnect love and commitment and settle for cheap entertainment and poor connection. Not only do ages affect the dating game for people, the rules for gender are also very crucial. Statistic has shown that men have an easier time when it comes to selecting mates. A man who is in their 40s still has a lot more options comparing to a woman who is in the same age range. The reason being that is more acceptable for men to date younger women than women dating younger men. The taboo of this subject has affected the rules of dating for a woman. When it comes to selecting a mate for men, men tend to seek a woman who is fun, attractive, and young enough to reproduce, so they could father many children. As for women, women tend to be pickier than men and have more criteria for an ideal partner because biologically, women have constraints that men do not. Women tend to seek a mate that is resourceful in providing for the family. They want a protector, that would be a loving father to her offspring.

The second reply from Mackenzie

It seems like the rules and the game of dating change as you get older. When you young, or even a kid, you have a ‘crush’, and you try to find out if they like you back. If they do like you back, you spend more time on the playground together and talk more to each other. When you’re in your early teens, middle school-aged, dating can get a bit more serious. However, from what I’ve seen in middle school was people would date, it would last a short amount of time, and then quickly move onto the next person and it was a continuous cycle. Then, when you reach your late teens, High school years, relationships can be similar to middle school ones in the sense that relationships can be short-lived and quickly move onto the next person, however, it can also be the exact opposite. Sometimes when dating in your late teens, people will marry their ‘high school sweetheart’. After that once you are in your twenties, and older, there are two different categories. You either date to find love and someone to have a future with, or your date to just have fun with no intention of anything serious happening. Even when you are older the ‘game’ still changes. It’s not the same when you 22 as you are when you are dating at 42.

People’s perspective on dating and who they date is different for everyone. However, from what I’ve seen it seems like girls look for not only looks but also his personality and who he is as a person. When guys look for someone to date a lot of the time, they look at appearances.

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Discuss the proposition that dating and mate selection in the United States is similar to a game


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