Eras and Aesthetics of Ballet Research Presentation

The new-classical: 20th century, the second half

Research each of the following for your chosen era:

The style/aesthetics of ballet at the time. (What was characteristic of the movement, costumes, music, and choreography?)
Who were the influential dancers, choreographers, financiers, companies?
Which important Ballets were created at this time?
Present your findings to the class in a 5-minute Slides or PowerPoint presentation on Zoom:

1. Including all 3 research areas listed above, present what you learned and what conclusions you drew from your research. Synthesize and decide what is important and interesting to share.
2. Photos. Embed short video clips if possible.
Oral Summary must be in your own words (don’t plagiarize).
Include a “Works Cited,” slide in MLA format. You must use at least 2 sources.
Include your name, course, and Era on a Title Slide.
This assignment is about gathering information, analyzing what you find, and drawing your own conclusions. The more you know, the better your presentation will be. Use the rubric when conducting your research and preparing your presentation. Always check multiple sources for information. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. Also, practice your presentation beforehand! J

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Who were the influential dancers choreographers financiers companies


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