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Virtual Teams Real Life Business Apps and Software Review

This Learning Week Virtual Teams Real Life Business Apps and Software Review Reportinvolves doing some research and getting to know a real-life Software-App/Technology Productivity Tool(s) similar to a basic:


“White Paper Report:


1.A concise report that informs readers about a complex issue, often used to convey an organization’s philosophy and persuade potential customers.

2.Marketing tool in the form of information on the technology underlying a complex product of system and on how it will benefit the customer.”



in regards Managing Virtual Teams. Please find more information about White Papers in our “Some Learning Tips for this Learning Assignment” section below.


Usually. a Virtual Teams Real Life Business Apps and Software Review- White Paper is a report between 4 and no more than 8 pages excluding Cover Page, Index, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Bibliography, and Appendixes.

Please address the following Managing High Performance Virtual Teams Real Life Business Apps and Software Review issues and sections:

In your review you must identify in detail and expand the major software-app-hardware-mobile-operating system characteristics of this real-life Software-App/Technology Productivity Tool(s) in regards Managing Virtual Teams and at least three:


  • Critical Issues
  • Lessons Learned
  • Best Practices, and
  • Recommendations


to successfully implement this Managing Virtual Teams Software-App/Technology Productivity Tool in a medium size organization and/or the company you work for its day-to-day operations and Virtual Teams all over the United States and Latin America.


You can support your review according to the following guidelines:


o Check Lists

o Processes

o Procedures

o Systems



Solution Preview


As opposed to a project or a job that has employees physically available for execution of whatever task assigned to them, working with a virtual team calls for a whole new set of tools, technology and team management skills. Managing a team of workers in the office space is generally challenging given the diversity of character, backgrounds and personalities. More challenging is dealing with a virtual team of workers who are geographically dispersed across the United States and Latin America. These members are of different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds, they all belong to different time zones and therefore, leading, controlling and scheduling meetings and tasks within the team is not an easy task (Gina Abudi, 2014). Robust leadership is required. In addition to strong leadership, real-life business application software is a requirement also, and it is to that effect that this review will focus on the use of Microsoft SharePoint business tool for effectively managing virtual business teams.

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