Research History Paper on the 2020 Presidential election

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Dear Writer, please write the Research History Paper. 📋 MAIN DETAILS: DIRECTIONS: You are to produce a research paper on the 2020 presidential election’s unique place in American history. Your task is to: Compare and contrast the ELECTION of 2000 to the Election of 2020. 1. Provide a thesis statement which should be a basic summary of the paper. The thesis should be in the FIRST paragraph -usually at the end of the paragraph — but it can appear as the first sentence of the first paragraph. It MUST be ONLY a SENTENCE. 2. Your paper should have a discussion on the following: a. Social atmosphere of the times-2000 and 2020 ( race, police-citizen relation) [1 page] b. Economics of 2000 and 2020: inflation, recession, unemployment, prosperity) [1 page] c. Political situation– which party controlled Congress in 2000 and 2020, who was president in 2000 and 2020 , what was each president’s approval ratings [1 Page] d. Discuss each incumbent’s strengths (2 each) and weaknesses(2 each) as president ( 1 page]. – Discuss Clinton as president or gore as VP e. Discuss the unique nature of the 2020 presidential election compared to the election of 2000. Focus on how the election of 2020 drered from the 2000 presidential between George W. Bush and Al Gore. You must have 2 pages of discussion and there must be EIGHT (8) differences clearly and completely discussed

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