Research Methods/ Short questions

Research Methods/ Short questions

  1. When creating a single-system research design (SSRD), you start with defining the behavior to monitor. Royce (2020) tells us that the target behaviors should come from the client. Why? How can we accomplish this?
  2. If there are two schools in a community for children ages 10-14, and if one school begins a Drug and Alcohol Education Program designed to reduce drug and alcohol use in this age group, can a classical experimental design be used with children at the other school constituting the control group? Why or why not?

Experimental Group- a collection of subjects to whom the independent variable is administered.

Control Group- a collection of subjects that do not receive the independent variable but should mimic the experimental group.

The comparison of both groups at the conclusion of the experiment will point out the effects that the independent variable has had.

3.First, read the Possemato et al. (2016) article on Moodle. Then please respond to the following question with one post about some aspect of the article and an additional post or comment on a post from another participant. Question: Notice how ideas and information/points are presented in the literature review of this article. Based on what you learned from this class, do you think this is a good or a poor example of how to write a literature review.

This is a simple assignment I just need help because I don’t clearly understand statics, and this class is that with research analogies added. I’ve attached the article for question number three. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you later in the day.

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