Research paper of physics 1401.

Research paper of physics 1401.

Research Paper on a Selected Topic in Physics
o Choose a topic within the realm of physics, preferably one that truly interests you.
§ The topic can be a person, event, or concept.
§ The topic does not have to be one we cover in this class (i.e., although we did not coverastronomy, you can still choose a topic in astronomy, since it is within the realm of physics).
o Examples of possible topics :blackholes, IsaacNewton, gravity, soundwaves, Galileo, detection of
neutrino particles, semiconductors, etc.
o Research your topic using at least four references.
§ One of the references must be our textbook. Type a report summarizing your research on the topic.
§ You will be graded on the content of the paper, the flow of the writing, and grammar and spelling.
§ For your reference, a sample paper is available on Blackboard.
o Reportrequirements:
§ Standard font type and size (10-12 pt)
§ 1.5-line spacing; 1-inch margins maximum
§ Suggested length: 1.5 to 3 pages
§ List of references must be included
§ Must be submitted in hard copy form
§ Figures are not required, but you are encouraged to use them if it helps to convey a certain concept
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In physics there are numerous theories of gravitation which try to explain movement of bodies with a given mass. The theories explaining gravity are numerous from the antiquity period where Aristotle from Greece who stated that there was a cause to every form of motion and every downward motion was caused by a natural force that attracted objects towards the center. There was also the Greek physicist Archimedes who discovered the center of gravity of a triangle. In India Aryabhata was trying to explain the theory of geocentric as to why objects don’t spin out due to gravitational rotation. Some modern era gravitational theories include; newton’s theory of motion, mechanical explanations of gravitation, general relativity and gravity and quantum mechanics. Newton’s theory of gravitation discovered the inverse square law that forms a basis to Einstein’s theory of relativity. [2] The Einstein theory usually compare the effects of gravity to space time curvature instead of force and it has achievements such as perihelion possession, time delay of light and gravitational radiation. This paper evaluates the origin of gravitational acceleration.

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