Clearly state the topic of the paper and why it is important to health care

Clearly state the topic of the paper and why it is important to health care

I want research papers about the impacts of Tobacco

The papers should be around 16 with out the references

General Outline for Course Paper:

1.Title Page

2.Abstract (100 words or less)

3.Introduction: Clearly state the topic of the paper and why it is important to health care


a.Statement of the Problem: Why are you researching this topic? And, why is it important that these questions be answered?

b.Literature Review: Explore all relevant research in detail. This should be the most extensive section of your paper and should involve exploring topic by topic rather than article by article (i.e. integrate topics rather than discussing each article separately).

c.Summary: Briefly summarize your overall research and what you think about it all. This section is the transition into the next section.

Methodology: If you were to design a study that would attempt to answer these research questions. What would that study look like and involve.
a.Subjects: Who would the subjects be, and where would you get them?

b.Instrumentation: What would you use to collect your data?

Procedures: Systematically, describe what would be involved in carrying out this study.
5.Results: Describe how you would attempt to analyze your data. The trick here is to answer your research question(s).


Implications and Conclusions: What questions about this topic remain unanswered? And, what practical application do you see in this research? In other words, what have you learned about this topic from the perspective of how this information might influence practices as a health care professional.
b.Limitations: What problems did you see with the research? This includes methodological issues such as internal and external validity as well as practical and practitioner-based issues.

c.Suggestions for Future Research: Where does this leave us? What further research needs to be done to answer these unanswered questions? How does this compare to your literature review (provide citations).

References: should be 20

The following is a list of general guidelines for the course paper:

-Submit your topic for approval by writing your first module paper. I will approve this proposal or make suggestions to extend or reduce the topic if necessary.

-The paper should be 15-20 pages in length, double-spaced. It must be typed

with 1″margins on all sides and 10 or 12 sized font. If the font size is larger, this

will be considered in counting the final number of pages.

-A minimum of 20 journal articles must be used – that is, these articles must be empirical/data based from peer-reviewed, reputable journals. It is strongly advised that students begin seeking these articles early in the semester because the library may have to obtain these article via inter-library loan. You must have hard copies or electronic copies of these articles and not simply read the abstract. Please note that websites, and popular press books and article are not appropriate sources to include in your literature review. Also, please use secondary resources, such as books, sparingly. Websites are not appropriate for research papers.

-APA citation format must be used. It is your responsibility as part of the course requirements to learn this citation format.

-Proofread your paper several times as all final papers will be considered final

form and grade reductions will be made for spelling, grammar, and typos.

-There should be NO empty gaps of space!!!

-Your final paper will be due at the end of the course as listed under due dates.

This is all information you well need, if you have any questions please let me know


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Clearly state the topic of the paper and why it is important to health care


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